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Zalmos Web Proxy is a tool that lets your surf the Web anonymously.

At their simplest, web proxies are interfaces to proxy servers. You make a web request through the interface and therefore the proxy server, which then makes those requests to the appropriate website. The proxy receives the results and then passes them on to you, and the benefit of this intermediate step is that you remain anonymous, enjoy an additional layer of security and so on.

Zalmos Web Proxy is as the name suggests such a web proxy. It’s a freeware program, and while it was designed for web surfers in Pakistan, others can make use of it as well. The developer claims that the program works with most websites, and in our experience, that claim is true. This is worth pointing out because free web proxies tend to be hit and miss, and they often buckle under the weight of more complex websites, but Zalmos Web Proxy seemed to handle everything we threw at it just fine.

The tool works with just about any kind of website as well. However, its original design goal was to provide access to people who couldn’t otherwise access YouTube. It really shines with YouTube. Most videos work fine, and the team will actually work on fixing those videos that don’t. You can also use this tool to listen to music on a wide range of websites.

Another reason to use Zalmos Web Proxy is for the anonymity it provides. Perhaps you want to visit a site you don’t want to be associated with, or perhaps you want to visit a site without having various web agents tracking what you do. Zalmos Web Proxy also supports encryption, which not all web proxies do, and this is a nice touch for a free program because it allows support for many additional sites.

The UI is simple and effective. It features a URL bar with a Click Me button. A drop down lets you pick the server country, and that option is set to mix by default. Beneath the URL bar, you’ll find a series of quick links for many of the most common websites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Google and Wikipedia.

Server options are limited as far as we could tell. The options were France and Netherlands, which works well enough if you don’t live in those countries. It does, however, mean that you’ll be getting French versions of YouTube and sites like it. Getting to the U.S. version of YouTube, for instance, is possible, but it isn’t as simple or straightforward as we would like.


  • Proxy for most websites
  • Supports encryption
  • Quick links for popular sites


  • Limited server options

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